An Advanced Automotive Scan Tool Can Save You Money on Repairs

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Autos

An automotive scan tool can help save the average car owner a lot of grief; this is because it can give them an idea of what is wrong with their car before they take it into the mechanic shop. If they’re lucky, it might show something simple that they can fix themselves. Or, it could help to confirm or deny the verdict laid out by the mechanic.

An automotive scan tool plugs into the data link connector of your vehicle. The simpler auto-scan tools only display diagnostic trouble codes. More advanced units can display a live data stream and might even be able to recalibrate or reprogram certain electronic modules within the vehicle.

However, the average automotive scan tool cannot fully reprogram or calibrate electronic modules. This is because they require specific software, such as Abrites VAG Commander, and a pass-through device. A passthrough device is used with a computer and vehicle-specific software to reprogram the control modules through a bus port.

A passthrough device can not only pinpoint serious problems but can also be used to make small adjustments. For example, it can adjust the fuel injector right from your laptop for better fuel economy.

An advanced automotive scan tool is generally the purview of a professional auto repair shop. However, with the right software, a backyard mechanic can reap the benefits too. It can help to maintain an everyday vehicle, and also help bring a project car back to life.

Abrites USA provides vehicle-specific diagnostic software is compatible with many automotive scan tools. Contact them for more information.

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