Bad Credit, No Credit Cars Are Possible In San Antonio TX

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Automotive

If you’re in need of a vehicle and have bad or no credit in San Antonio, TX, you may think there’s nothing out there for you. It can be discouraging to realize that most dealerships raise the price of the vehicle and give you bad financing terms because you’re more of a risk than others. While it may seem impossible to get cars without a score or to have a poor one, it is still possible.

New Dealerships

While it may seem impossible to go to a new car dealership in San Antonio TX and get a vehicle without any score, it is a possibility for some. Many dealers can use incentives and rebates to lower the overall cost and eliminate the need for money down. Likewise, you can trade in a current vehicle to get more money for the down payment. Some may offer financing to anyone, regardless of their scores.

Used Dealerships

Used dealers are the best place to find cars in San Antonio TX. They’ve got a wide variety of vehicles at extremely low prices when compared to new ones. Most people with bad or no scores choose a used car dealership rather than a new one, especially if it offers financing.


Buy here, pay here dealerships will require money down and may not be flexible with your trade-in. They need higher down payments to lower the amount of money they have to loan you and may charge extremely high interest rates.

Loan Preapproval

Your best bet may be to get preapproval for a loan because it shows that you’re serious and makes dealers easier to work with you.

Bad credit, no credit cars in San Antonio TX can be easier to finance with The KEY. Visit  to learn more and seek pre-approval.

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