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Certified Pre-owned Cars: What It Means

Buying a car is a huge step. There are many considerations and choices to make. When you buy a used car, however, you may have additional concerns such as the history and reliability of the vehicle. It is important to understand the difference between used cars and certified pre-owned vehicles. If you have been to a pre-owned Ford dealer in Worth, Il, you may have noticed a certified pre-owned (CPO) labeling on some vehicles and wondered what this means. Here is break-down on certified pre-owned programs:

Backed By Original Manufacturers

   * Certified pre-owned vehicles are offered by many car manufacturers under their own programs. For example, a certified pre-owned Ford car is sold at a Ford dealer.
   * Each manufacturer sets its own standards for certified pre-owned inspections and passing criteria.
   * Certified pre-owned vehicles are also serviced at the same dealership that sells and services new car by the manufacturer. The advantage of this is that warranty repairs can be done at any associated dealership in any state.
   * A certified pre-owned vehicle may often include an extended warranty.

Backed By Original Manufacturers
   * It is important to note that other dealerships not associated with the car manufacturer may also sell certified pre-owned vehicles. These, however, are not backed by the original manufacturers.
   * Dealer-certified pre-owned programs conduct vehicle inspection and certification using their own set of guidelines.
   * A certified pre-owned vehicle may often include an extended warranty.

The usual meaning of certified pre-owned is that a car is a maximum of 6 years old and has a maximum mileage of 100,000 miles. Different manufacturers have largely different certified pre-owned programs, so it is useful to do some comparison when considering this option.

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