How to Get a Car Going When It Needs Starters Repair in Norfolk VA

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Automotive

When a car needs Starters Repair in Norfolk VA, owners who don’t have access to a flatbed trailer or tow dolly may want to avoid having the vehicle towed to a garage. Their automotive insurance may not cover towing, making that an added expense. There are a couple methods drivers can use to get the car going when the starter isn’t cooperating, depending on whether the vehicle has a manual or an automatic transmission.

A stick-shift car can be pop started. The driver turns the key in the ignition to the on position, pushes the clutch pedal to the floor and puts the car in gear. Another person pushes the car and gets it rolling. When the driver releases the clutch and allows the pedal to pop up, the car should start. This is also a method stick-shift vehicle owners use to start a car when the battery goes dead.

Since a car with an automatic transmission doesn’t have a clutch pedal, this method won’t work on this vehicle. If the owner of the car knows what a starter is and can recognize it under the hood, he or she might tap it with a hammer or wrench while someone else turns the ignition key. This can jolt worn components back into place long enough to start the car. Ideally, this should only be done one time, and that is when the owner plans to take the car in for starters repair in Norfolk VA. Hitting the starter with a hammer, again and again, can cause further problems and make the repair more expensive. In addition, the method might only work one time.

Sometimes when the starter malfunctions and the car won’t, just waiting for a while solves the problem temporarily. Worn contact components can cause this issue. The driver can leave the vehicle sit for 30 or 40 minutes and see whether it will start after that. It’s best to schedule starter repair at a garage such as Indian River Auto & Transmission Repair when this happens. Using this method may work several times, but eventually the car will not start at all. Contact us to set an appointment.

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