Things to Consider When Purchasing a Prisoner Transport System

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Parts and Accessories

The process of transporting prisoners from one area to another has to be completely discreet. You have to ensure that there is maximum security so that prisoners are not able to break out, hurt one another, or hurt the law enforcement officers that are transporting them. It is extremely important to choose prisoner transport systems that are 100% secure. Here are some important factors to remember when it is time to make your decision.

Prisoner Transport Systems
You will first need to determine the type of transportation that would be the most suitable for the circumstances that this entails. In some cases, it can be suitable to use the road, but other times it is best to use air transport. The factors that will affect your choice of transportation depends on the urgency of the need as well as the distance that needs to be travelled and other important options.

Your budget is also another big factor when choosing the type of transportation to transport your prisoners. If your prisoners will need to be transported frequently and in large quantities, then you will probably want to purchase a van or another large vehicle. If you only have a few prisoners to transport regularly then you can consider vehicles that are much smaller such as station wagon or another mid-size vehicle. Much of this decision will depend on how large the group you are transporting is.

Since you are trying to transport prisoners in a secure manner, you will want to make sure that it is secured and fitted so that the prisoners are not able escape from the vehicle. If you are not in a major hurry to use the vehicle, you can have it customized so that it is exactly what you are looking for. Hardened criminals are going to require a more tightened security as opposed to petty thieves. This means that if you are consistently transporting hardened criminals, you will need a more secure vehicle.

This vehicle will also require communication equipment to be installed so you are able to communicate with superiors as well as if there is an emergency. If it does not have the equipment you desire, then you can always choose your own type of communication devices and equipment. The most important thing you can do when choosing a vehicle to transport criminals, make sure it is extremely secure.

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