Tips On Wiring Brake Controllers in Minnesota

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Vehicles

One of the most important features a person can have in their trailer is a functioning brake system. Some smaller trailers depend on the towing vehicle to stop the trailer, while more sophisticated units come with their own braking system. These Brake Controllers in Minnesota must be properly wired to assure the proper functioning and safety of the trailer and its cargo. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Find The Cold Wire

The hot wire of the brake light switch can be found by probing each terminal until one of them is lit up when the depression of the brake pedal occurs. The hot wire should then be marked. The switch is always found on the brake pedal and acts to light up the brake lights when activated.

Stop The Negativity

The negative cable belonging to the towing vehicle battery needs to be disconnected. Then, next to the positive battery cable, a 20-amp circuit breaker capable of auto-resetting should be installed. This should be as close to the positive cable as possible.


Connect the BATT side of the breaker to the terminal by using ring terminal connectors. After they are connected, black and white wires can be strung through the connectors from the tow vehicle battery all the way to the brake pedal. After this is done, the black wire should be connected to the circuit breaker’s AUX side, while the white wire needs to be connected to the negative battery cable with a separate ring connector.

Connect Again

Next, the black wire on the battery should connect to the black wire on the AUX side of the circuit breaker via a butt connector. The white ground wire should then be connected to the white wire on the negative battery terminal. The red wire or stoplight wire should be spliced to the hot wire via the wiretap that came with the Brake Controllers in Minnesota.

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