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Why you should Buy a Pre-Owned Vehicle from a New Lenox Dealership

When you’re ready to replace your current vehicle, you have plenty of choices available to you. While you might be determined to buy one of the newest models available, there are some good reasons to consider getting a pre-owned Chevrolet in New Lenox. Consider the advantages of owning a pre-owned vehicle before making your decision.

Avoid the Depreciation Curve

When you buy a brand-new vehicle, you’ll experience a significant drop in the vehicle’s value as soon as you take possession of it. Within the first three years of ownership, your new car or truck will lose up to 20% of its value. You can skip that depreciation curve when you buy a pre-owned model that’s three to four years old.

Upgrade Your Choices

If you have ever wanted a sportier car or a larger SUV, buying a pre-owned model can allow you to get what you really want. You’ll still stay within your budget as you shop for a more luxurious model by going a few years older. In many cases, a slightly older model may not even differ much from a newer vehicle.

Fewer Maintenance Bills

Since you’ll be the first one to drive a new vehicle, it will be your responsibility to get the kinks worked out. Even if there aren’t any recalls on the vehicle, you’ll still experience minor maintenance issues that need to be resolved. When you buy a pre-owned Chevrolet in New Lenox, the previous owner will have already worked out those issues. That means you’ll enjoy a smoother ride right off the lot.

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