3 Tips to Help You Park Your Vehicle More Safely in Seattle, WA

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Parking

Overnight or long-term parking in Seattle can be risky as crime rates rise in certain parts of the city. While you don’t want to park too far from your office or home, you also don’t want to leave your vehicle in an unsafe place. In addition to auto theft, your vehicle may be exposed to vandalism and break-ins. Following a few simple practices can help you significantly reduce those risks.

Park in an Enclosed Lot

Rather than parking on the street or in an open municipal lot, you should look for a parking garage or a fenced lot. These types of lots will be well worth the minimal fee when you take the security features into account. In addition to a fence or concrete barriers, a commercial lot may provide security surveillance and on-site staff to look after the vehicles on the lot.

Choose a Well-Lit Area

Even in a well-maintained lot, you should avoid parking in isolated areas or dark spots. Look for open spaces that are beneath streetlamps and other types of lighting. If the lot features security cameras, try to park within a clear line of sight of the camera.

Remove Your Belongings

While it may be convenient to leave a briefcase or laptop in your vehicle, doing so will make a more tempting target for thieves. Even when you choose secure parking in Seattle, avoid leaving anything in your vehicle. You’ll protect your vehicle and your personal belongings when you take items of value with you.

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