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Common Types of Auto Repair in Lansing MI

As significant as the price is when buying a vehicle, it is equally important to consider the total cost of maintenance over the car’s lifespan. Vehicles aren’t cheap, and after considering insurance, fuel, repairs and other costs, they are one of a family’s biggest expenses. Below are some of the most common-;and costly-;forms of Auto Repair in Lansing MI.

Wheels and Tires

As hard as it may be to believe, wheels and tires represent the most common and expensive routinely maintained item on modern cars. Tires only last for about two years, which means they’re replaced more frequently than just about anything else on the car. A quality set of tires can easily cost more than $500, and damaged rims can be even more expensive to fix or replace.


Like a car’s tires, its brakes are a common and costly fix. They need to be changed frequently and replacing the rear, and front brakes can cost several hundred dollars or more. However, brake wear can be minimized with careful driving. Stop-and-start driving, hard braking, and constant pressure can cause premature wear, which results in more frequent brake repair expenses.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

TPMS or tire pressure monitoring systems may seem like an unimportant part of the vehicle, but they can be a real pain when they malfunction. The sensor alone can cost about $100 before labor costs are even considered. After diagnostic work and necessary parts, a TPMS sensor replacement can cost several hundred dollars.

Timing Belts

Fortunately, they don’t need changing that often, but it’s important to know about the cost before it happens. While the part itself isn’t expensive, the labor required to remove and replace a broken timing belt can be costly. Depending on the type, make and model of the car the cost of this Auto Repair in Lansing MI can increase or decrease. Visit here to get more details.

Suspension Parts

Unlike other parts that need frequent replacement, suspension parts don’t need regular swaps. However, after thousands of hard miles, parts can start to wear down and become less capable of doing their jobs. A car’s suspension is composed of several components, and replacing even one part can cost hundreds of dollars in materials, parts, and labor. Visit Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service for additional details or to schedule service.

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