Creative Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Kia From Santa Fe, NM

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Autos

It’s that time of year again when monsters, witches, ghouls, and ghosts can freely roam the streets and collect treats. They’re only kids in costume, of course, but the whole tradition is a must-see spectacle. It’s not just the little ones getting ready to show off their Halloween costumes, though. Many car owners are hopping on the bandwagon and dressing up their vehicles. So are you thinking of decorating your Kia from Santa Fe, NM for Halloween, too? Then these simple ideas may help you out.

Hands Sticking Out of the Trunk

We’ve all seen horror movies where villains hide their victims in their cars’ trunks. That’s precisely what you should try replicating, except this time, you’ll leave a clue visible—a hand sticking out. Nothing looks scarier than a bloody human-like hand sticking out of the trunk, casually flailing as the car drives away. Of course, the hand is fake but it will be more fun if you use a realistic-looking hand for this mini-prank.

Attacked by Zombies

Protagonists locking themselves inside a vehicle (even though they know it’s not going to work) to escape zombies is a staple scene in apocalyptic films. It’s usually followed by a larger vehicle driving past and honking loudly to lure the zombies away. The now-rescued car is then revealed to be covered in bloody handprints. Well, you can design your vehicle like that. Buy some red water-based paints. Dip your hands into the can and start putting handprints all over your car, including the windows. Then, add some splatter to make it look more realistic.

Skeleton On the Wheels

This is quite risky because having a skeleton on the driver’s seat means you have to find a safe way to maneuver your car from elsewhere inside the cabin. Famous YouTubers doing pranks can carry it out smoothly, so maybe you can find inspiration in their work. One removed the backrest of the driver’s seat, replaced it with a fake backrest made of cardboard, and hid himself in it. So, even if there was a skeleton in front of him, he could still see the road. Another way to do this is to use a sticker of a skeleton and plant it on the driver’s side window.

Covered in Spider Web

Buy an extra pack of stretchable cobwebs to put around your vehicle. Cobwebs have been used as a prop for Halloween for ages. Of course, you won’t spook grownups with this decoration, but it’s a good enough way to show you want to participate in this yearly event. Just be careful not to obstruct your view and any significant components of your vehicle.

Jeepers Creepers On the Roof

If you’ve already seen the film Jeepers Creepers, chances are you still can’t get the picture of the monster standing on top of the car out of your head. You might want to put a dummy that looks like that on the roof of your Kia from Santa Fe, NM. However, it might catch the eye of the authorities as it poses a risk of accidents if caught in a low-hanging cable across the street. Be mindful of the size of the props you place on your car.

Halloween only happens once a year, so don’t let it pass without participating in this grand display of creativity. Enjoy every minute of being wacky with your car’s spooky decor. Check out Fiesta Kia for more helpful tips.

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