Eliminate Auto Body or Mechanical Damage With Superior Collision Repair in Johnson County

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Auto Repair, Vehicles

An automobile collision can cause a lot of damage from bent or torn metal to ripped spoilers and bumper covers. However, a wreck can also damage mechanical components depending on where the automobile is hit. For example, a front-end collision can wreak havoc on both the exterior of the vehicle and its engine. Broken grills are simple to replace, but repairs to an engine tend to be more complicated. Externally mounted engine components that could be damaged in an accident include alternators, fuel delivery systems, and ignition parts. Expert Collision Repair in Johnson County can eliminate these issues and return the vehicle to its former glory while making it functional as well.

There are various ways to remove damage to a car or truck depending on where that damage occurs. One method is replacing any ripped or bent components, which is possible if these parts are removable. However, the bulk of the automobile body is solid. That is, many of the pieces are welded together and are difficult to separate. A collision in the rear of a vehicle can crush quarter panels or other body parts that would require a cutting torch to repair. Of course, some damage can be removed by pounding it away. This is one of the benefits of using metal for certain auto body parts. Most damage to steel and aluminum can be correctly straightened if the technician knows what they are doing.

One area where Superior Collision Repair in Johnson County is important is the finish. There are many things that create a perfect repair. For instance, body putty may be required to fill in any gaps. However, filler needed to be spread correctly and smoothed so that no lines will appear. The same is true for the primer. Primer is the undercoating that ensures that paint sticks properly. There should be multiple layers of the base metal, and each one needs to be thoroughly sanded to eliminate imperfections. The finishing touch is usually the most difficult to apply. Automotive paint needs to be sprayed in a clean, dry area so that the finish is flawless. Even a speck of dust can cause imperfections and dirt under the paint could prevent it from sticking completely. Get more information here from professional collision repair experts.

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