How to Plan Your Classic Ford Restoration Project

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Automotive

Would you like to bring a rusted and tired old Torino, LTD, T-bird, or Galaxie back to life? These cars represent a part of American history which can never be recaptured, but you can relive some great memories or create new ones when you take some Ford Torino parts and start the process of restoration. Here are some helpful tips for planning your project, for helping you avoid some common problems.

Damage Assessment

How much restoration do you need? Are going to have to do some extensive body work? Maybe you need a lot of classic Ford Torino parts. Understanding the extent of your restoration project helps you set a timeframe and budget.

Restoration Type

Do you want something for shows? Perhaps you are just looking for something you can drive and show friends and family. If you want an authentic relic of the past, you need the finest Ford Torino parts made for concourse grade restoration, and you need a trusted source like Concours Parts & Accessories.

Can You Do the Work?

Do you plan to do all the restoration? This takes a great deal of time, skill, and knowledge. You might want to do work you can handle, and consider taking the car to professionals for the other work.

Develop a Budget

Once you know what you are up against, the kind of restoration you want, and who is doing the work, you can sit down and come up with a good idea of the costs.

Where is the Money Coming From?

Do you have the funds you need? Perhaps you plan to buy parts and do the project one job at a time. Maybe you want to finance some of the project. After you have a budget, set a time schedule and do not hesitate to ask others for assistance.

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