Importance of Managing Your Fleet With an Oil Change and Maintenance

by | Aug 27, 2019 | Oil Change Service

Benefits of an Oil Change

Driving in the north and central New Jersey can put a strain on your car. Whether you drive long trips on the turnpike or stop and start trips in town, your car needs regular oil changes, a necessity of fleet management in New Jersey. Of course, you also need a quick, efficient method of doing it. That’s when you visit a quick oil change service spot because regardless of whether you drive 3,500 miles in a three-month period or much less, your car needs an oil change.

Reasons to Change the Oil Regularly

The less frequently you drive your car, the more you need regular oil changes. That is because when you make short trips, the engine heats then cools for a longer period which creates condensation. The gray oily glob on the oil fill cap is that moisture. The vehicle will still require an oil change at least three times per year.

  • Many other maintenance items dovetail with regular oil changes. For example, the vehicle’s tires get rotated on the third oil change of the year. Oil changes also provide an opportunity for a mechanic to view the underside of your car and spot problems. They may spot problems with the differential, transmission, broken exhaust parts or torn CV boots.
  • Fresh oil maintains engine lubrication. The rapid motion of moving parts in the engine creates heat that wears down the engine without oil lubrication.
  • Oil cools the engine components. This prevents an overabundance of friction and the engine overheating.
  • Oil also removes sludge and particles from the engine. It washes dirt from the engine. A clean engine works better and lasts longer.
  • Fresh oil improves gas mileage by one to two percent.
  • Regular oil changes extend the life of a vehicle. Since there is less wear and tear on the engine, the car performs better, longer.
  • A car increases in value at resale if you can prove you had regular oil changes conducted.

With so many benefits to having the oil changed regularly in a vehicle, it makes good sense to stop into a shop for a quick oil change. It is a basic need for fleet management in New Jersey companies must respect to keep their vehicles on the road.

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