Signs Your Vehicle Need Suspension Repair, Get the Work Done in Midway

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Auto Repair

The suspension system on your vehicle takes quite a beating. After several years of supporting several thousand pounds of vehicle and driving over every conceivable road surface in Midway, the shock absorbers will need replacing. The suspension components in your car, although mainly designed to provide a comfortable ride, are also important as they play a role in the handling and control of the vehicle, especially when stopping, accelerating, and cornering. Suspension repair is something that must not be left undone; you risk your life and the lives of others if you cannot control your vehicle.

There are telltale signs that suspension repair is in order:

Rough Ride

When you begin to feel every little bump in the road, or when a bump causes the body of your vehicle to bounce, your suspension system needs repairing.

Drifting in Turns  

Another sure sign that the suspension on your vehicle is failing is when you sense the vehicle is drifting or pulling while you make a turn. The shock absorbers are designed to maintain body stability if you sense your vehicle is “rolling,” the time has come to take it in for suspension repair.

Nose-dive When Braking

Just as the body tends to roll when turning, when the shock absorbers are not doing their job, the vehicle tends to dive-down in the front when you apply the brakes. Poor shocks can increase stopping time; they must be replaced.

Uneven Tire Wear

Keep an eye on the condition of your tires; if you notice the tread wear is uneven, you may have a suspension problem.

Shock Absorbers Are Covered with Oil

Shock absorbers are filled with oil; if you notice that they are covered with oil or appear greasy, this is an indication that an oil seal has failed. It is time for new shocks.

If you need suspension repair on your vehicle near Midway, take it to VIP Tire & Auto Centers. To schedule early service, visit their website.

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