The Pit Stop Every Driver Needs – Regular Oil Changes in Davenport IA

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Automotive

From the time most of us begin driving, we are told of the importance of having regular oil changes in Davenport,IA. We know we need to change it, but why? What is so important about automotive oil?

What Does Oil Do?

As one might assume, the oil in a vehicle acts as a lubricant. More than that however, automotive oil keeps the mechanical instruments within the car running smoothly, allowing them to work together to create movement and keep the vehicle functioning. The construction of an automobile relies heavily upon parts that come in contact with one another, and avoiding dangerous friction in these contact points is the task of the oil.

Why Change It?

It may seem odd for those without knowledge of the workings of a car that the oil inside of them needs to be changed. After all, the oil doesn’t spoil, right? Actually, that’s not entirely true. With such heavy demand being placed on the oil by the automobile using it, the chemical structure of the lubricant breaks down over time. Therefore, it must be extracted, disposed of properly and replaced. For an industry professional, this task may take as little as a few minutes to complete!

When to Change and Who to Call

An oil change in Davenport,IA as once recommended for drivers every three months, or three thousand miles. In recent years, it has been decided amongst industry leaders that five thousand is a better estimate for those driving under normal or mild conditions, though three thousand is still suggested for those who drive in more severe conditions. This can include hot weather, extremely uneven terrain or those who travel long distances frequently.

Though simple oil changes can be conducted at home, it is wise for those who have concerns about the behavior of their car or the needs of their vehicle beyond the oil change itself to consult a professional. Additionally, oil changes are faster and more properly done by someone with industry training.

How, where and when you change your oil is ultimately up to you as a vehicle owner or driver. The most important thing to remember is that neglecting to attend to this task with regularity is neglecting your car’s function and your own safety behind the wheel. When it needs it, don’t delay – change your vehicle’s oil today!

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