Is It Time to Buy a New Car

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Automotive

Deciding whether or not to get a new car is a big decision. Many people will continue to sink money into an old car simply because they have already paid money for repairs. This can lead to frustration from constant breakdowns and will cost you more because you are paying for repairs. So, is it time to get a new car?

Breaking Down

If your old car is in the shop a couple of times a month or if you are spending hours each week doing minor repairs upkeep it on the road, then it may be time to consider getting a new vehicle. Name people will continue dining money into a car because they have already spent money on it and keep thinking the next repair will be it for a while. This is usually not the case, and the car becomes a money pit. If you are spending more than $50 a month on repairs on average, then it is time to seriously consider a new vehicle.

Fuel Mileage

Fuel Mileage is one of the most common complaints people have about their old car is the fork mileage. This is especially true if truck and SUV drivers. Many people will consider getting a new car simply for better mileage. While this is not always the best route, it is worth figuring the difference in fuel cost between your old vehicle and a newer car. Add this to your repair costs, and you have what your old one is costing that could go towards a newer car.


If you have bad credit, then getting approved for a loan can be a major obstacle to getting a newer vehicle. In Tulsa, OK, bad credit auto financing is available from certain lots. These lots will approve you for a loan based on criteria other than your credit. Specifically, most will look at your current employment status and weekly income to determine if you are eligible.

When it comes to your car, knowing when to get a new one can be as much of a challenge as finding a new car. If you are spending money on repairs each month and extra fuel to make up for poor mileage then it may be time to consider a new car.

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