Volkswagen Jetta S: Not Your Ordinary Entry-Level Model

by | Mar 13, 2024 | Car Dealership

If you are looking for a small car that is roomy and more affordable than other options, you should consider the attractions of the Volkswagen Jetta S. For sale at dealerships as both a used and new sedan, it proves that this is no ordinary entry-level model. This is a base trim that comes sufficiently loaded with features to make many drivers and passengers content.

The Jetta S

Historically, the Jetta S has always represented a vehicle that, while small, can perform as well as many larger cars. In several ways, it can be argued it is superior in certain ways. The average Volkswagen Jetta S for sale in Philadelphia, either new or used possesses several virtues often lacking in other larger sedans or other vehicles. It

  • Is relatively affordable – particularly if you purchase a used model.
  • Is not expensive to operate.
  • Is easy to park.
  • Can be enjoyable to drive or ride in. The engine, while not the most powerful, still has a kick to it.
  • Has a nicely designed interior and comes with an easily manageable infotainment system.

Features and Updates

Over the years, it has been updated. The fourth generation (1999-2005) saw a softening of the boxy exterior shape. This became sleeker in subsequent generations. The seventh generation (2019-present) updated the infotainment system making more features standard across all trim levels, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Although every Jetta has many standard features, you might find a used Jetta S for sale that is loaded with extra features or specific packages.

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