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What to Expect During Car Window Tinting in Tucson

Intense heat from the summer sun can cause the interior of a car to become dangerously warm and even damage the interior components of the vehicle over time. One of the best ways to combat the dangerous effects of UV rays and heat is to have all of the car’s windows tinted. Not only can it protect a car from the sun’s dangerous rays, but it can also prevent damage to glass from objects flying up from the roadway. A professional auto shop that installs Car Window Tinting in Tucson can complete most jobs in as little as a few hours. Here is what can be expected during the process.

Measurements and Cleaning

Before the window tint can be applied, it is important to have accurate measurements of the windows. The technician will then prepare a pattern and cut the pieces of tint material so they will fit perfectly. Before they can begin the application process, they will also have to completely clean the windows. This will prevent dust and debris from being trapped behind the tints, and ensure a perfect end result.


The back side of the car window tinting in Tucson will be coated with a light adhesive that makes it easy for the technician to center it with the window before the bonding process. Once all of the tint has been positioned, the next step is to remove any air bubbles that form underneath. If air bubbles are not removed before bonding, it will cause the window tinting to not adhere to the glass, which can lead to peeling and an unsightly mess.

Heat Bonding

Once the tinting has been applied the technician will then use a heat gun to bond it to the glass surface. While it can be removed, if necessary, doing so requires a great deal of manual labor and specialized chemicals. After the bonding has taken place, the technician will then clean the surface of the tint with an ammonia free cleaner to ensure there are no fingerprints or imperfections.

Keep any car cool in the summer by having its windows professionally tinted. Dwight’s Glass & Tint provides a wide array of window tinting and glass replacement services. Call them today to learn more about the ways they help keep a car safe and cool in the summer and see how affordable quality window services should be.

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