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Why a Timely Oil Change in Chamblee GA

The concept of an Oil Change Chamblee GA is so common that many people forget that this type of maintenance is very important. Quite a few things can go wrong when the oil is not checked and changed on a regular basis. Here are some of the reasons why that oil and filter change really does matter.

Maintaining the Auto Warranty

When the car is still under warranty, making time for an Oil Change Near in Chamblee GA matters from the perspective of keeping all those benefits in force. Part of the covenant involved with the warranty is that the car owner will make reasonable effort to maintain the vehicle. Failure to do so could mean that the provider of the warranty decides that the vehicle was subjected to unusual wear and tear. When this happens, the cost of the repair will fall squarely on the shoulders of the car owner and not be covered by the terms of the warranty.

Reducing Friction in the Engine

One of the main functions of the Oil is to prevent friction from building up in the engine. When there is not adequate lubrication, parts will wear out sooner rather than later. That can lead to a lot of costly repairs. A better approach is to have the oil and filter changed on a regular basis, eliminating the additional wear and tear and ensuring the car remains road worthy for more years.

Preventing Major Breakdowns

Failing to have the oil and filter changed will mean that the oil can no longer provide the protection needed by the engine. Eventually, this will mean the engine will lock up and no amount of effort will reverse the problem. The only solutions are to have the engine completely rebuilt or to invest in a brand new one. Both options cost a great deal of money. A better approach is to spend the relatively small amount needed to have the oil and filter changed every few months.

For car owners who have been putting off an oil change, visit the website and arrange to take the car into the team at Blue Ridge Automotive as soon as possible. Along with changing the oil, the team can also determine if the car needs any other work in the months to come.

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