Why Buying a Pre-Owned Cadillac From a Local Dealer is Such a Great Idea

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Automotive

Some people are reluctant to buy used vehicles. Sometimes, it’s because they’ve heard one too many horror stories; in other cases, a buyer simply wants the prestige and reassurance that comes with knowing they’re a car’s first owner. However, a used Cadillac dealer in Plainfield can show you the advantages of buying a pre-owned vehicle.


This is one of the biggest benefits of purchasing a used car. No matter how you add it up, you’ll save money by choosing a used Cadillac over a new one. Because you’re paying less, you may even be able to pay cash, avoid an expensive loan, and get more features than you’d otherwise be able to afford.

Lower Insurance Costs

Insurance is one of the biggest expenses you’ll encounter when you buy a vehicle, whether you’re buying new or used. Even if you’re getting full coverage on the car you buy from a used Cadillac dealer in Plainfield, you’ll still save on insurance. Because the purchase price is lower, coverage will cost less.

Missing Out on Depreciation Without Losing Resale Value

When you purchase a new car, it loses a substantial portion of its value the second you drive it off the dealer’s lot. With used Cadillacs, the first owner takes the depreciation hit first. In fact, you may be able to sell your used Cadillac for almost as much as you paid, which means you won’t take much of a loss.

Why Pay More When You Can Save With Us?

Purchasing a used vehicle can help you save money without giving up the satisfaction of making the purchase, and it will provide you with high-quality, reliable transportation for many years. If you’re considering buying from a used Cadillac dealer in Plainfield, we hope you’ll choose us. Visit us online or call Hawk Cadillac of Joliet for more details.

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