3 Reasons Your Brakes Require Care

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Auto Repair

Every component of your car’s standard makeup plays a vital role in its function. When all the parts are operating optimally, you car is likely to get you from Point A to Point B. The brakes of your car are the mechanism that prevents you, and others, from being an accident victim. Whether they need to be checked or maintained, the professionals at Brake Repair Mokena are ready to help.

Here are three reasons your brakes require care.

The Bigger Picture

The pedal you press with your foot to make the car stop is one part of a bigger system. When you press on the brake, you are activating the hydraulic brake lines that are attached to the four wheels of the vehicle. Then, the friction required between the brake pads and drum occurs. If one of these functions is loose, thinning or old, the next time you attempt to stop at a sign, red light or running children, could result is undesirable circumstances.


If you hear grinding noises when you step on the brake or the check engine light on your car’s dashboard is lit, having the brakes checked is one way to put an end to the noise and turn off the light. The sounds you hear when you press the brake could be a result of an array of factors. In the worst case scenario, it is simply that the brakes are old and need to be replaced. In the best, it is too much air getting caught.

Peace of Mind

When you take your vehicle in for a scheduled check up, it is another expense you are incurring. Afterwards, though, it provides peace of mind.

If it is time to have your vehicle’s brakes inspected, visit the professionals Brake Repair Mokena at VIP Tire Corporation.

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