5 Ways To Avoid Auto Repair in Telford PA, During Summer

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Auto Repair Shop

Hot summers in cities like Telford PA, can easily break down your car causing the oil and fluids to lose their performance efficiency. If you pro-actively keep in check some of the common issues you could save unwanted auto repair in Telford PA.

1. Check Air Conditioners

ACs have to be fully functional during your commute in summers. Not only because you need it but also because your car needs it. Engine overheating can easily bring down your car. Don’t wait for the flashing light on the dashboard or the steaming hood to indicate the cooling system of the car has gone down.

2. Replace Fluids Regularly

Your car uses different fluids such as steering, transmission, brake, washer and engine oil. Periodically changing these fluids help in reducing the wear and tear of the car. Take help of an auto repair Telford PA, and check if the fluids need replacement.

3. Inspect Tires

A tire blowout would be the last thing you would want when you are ready to enjoy a family trip. Summer heat can be hard on the tires owing to the increased air pressure leading to inflation.

Some newer versions of cars indicate the tire pressure, but if yours doesn’t, you should use a tire gauge to measure the air level in the tire. Refer to the manual to know whether you need to let out or fill in more air into the tire. Properly inflated tires help save gas.

4. Power the Batteries

Battery failure is seldom indicated ahead of time. The summer heat can also be hard on your battery and can sap its energy. Heat causes battery fluid evaporation.

If your battery is one that needs to be topped off periodically, make sure you top it off for summer. Keep the top of your battery and the terminals clean.

5. Check the Brake System

During the summer, brake fluids and brake pads wear out quickly. It is essential to get the brake system checked by an auto repair Telford PA, before you plan a long journey.

Keep your car checked and let it, and you, have a happy and safe summer!

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