How Can You Protect Your Subaru in Albuquerque, NM from Predatory Towing?

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Autos

Some places are marked “tow-away zone” or “no parking 24 hours” for a reason. If you park your Subaru in Albuquerque, NM where these signs are posted, whether deliberately or by mistake, the owner manager of that place can have your vehicle towed.

Sometimes, towing is more of a necessity than a penalty, such as when your car breaks down, gets flooded, or is involved in an accident. But, regardless of the reason, having your vehicle towed is an inconvenience. And just when you think things can’t get any worse, you might also become a target of predatory towing.

How Predatory Towing Works

Usually, when you park your car illegally—near a fire hydrant, a blue curb, or a pedestrian crosswalk—a law enforcer will issue a ticket, sometimes boot, and then call a towing company contracted by the city to impound your car. The same thing happens when your car breaks down and won’t move, except in this situation, you should contact a private towing company yourself to take your vehicle to a repair shop.

The problem with personally hiring a towing company is you don’t know who will show up. There are some towing companies that might take advantage of your ordeal. These shady companies will appear at the scene and immediately tow your vehicle without discussing their services in detail or asking you to sign a clear contract. Sometimes, they will have you sign a form authorizing the tow, but the form doesn’t explicitly specify the service terms and costs.

Once they have your car, you have no choice but to agree to their terms. They can charge you for services they didn’t perform, and you can’t complain because they are using your car as collateral.

How to Protect Yourself from Predatory Towing

Thanks to active public awareness campaigns, cases of predatory towing have decreased over the years. Follow this simple guide to avoid falling prey to this scheme when you need a towing service.

Only hire a reputable towing company. As a car owner, you should have a list of service providers that can help you take care of your vehicle, including a towing company. Make sure that the towing company on your list has a good track record. You can ask your Subaru dealership in Albuquerque for referrals.

Don’t let a different towing company take your car. The towing company you hired must be the one to tow away your vehicle. If another one shows up and offers you a deal, politely refuse. Check the tow truck’s signage to verify if it’s the same company as the one you hired. The documents they will ask you to sign should have the same logo.

Don’t let the towing company take your car without providing a detailed price list. Ask for a printed breakdown of the service fee, including tow, storage, and miscellaneous charges. It should come with a document that indicates where you would like them to take your vehicle.

If you cannot verify your towing company’s legitimacy and they insist on taking your car, contact the police right away. Don’t fall for sweet promises that sound too good to be true.

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