Auto Gauges in Arizona AZ Can Provide Speedometer Calibration Paperwork

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Automotive

It’s never fun to see the blue lights in the rear-view mirror while enjoying a ride down an open highway, but speeding tickets do more than ruin a good mood. They’ll raise insurance rates and can even result in the loss of a driver’s license. Drivers who know that their speed wasn’t what the law enforcement official says it was do have some options, though. Auto gauge shops can help drivers prove to courts that their speedometers were off, which can cause them to drive faster than they intended.

The chances are small that a car’s speedometer is incorrect by more than three miles an hour. Therefore, it’s unlikely that a speeding violation can be completely eliminated. However, excess speed by just two or three miles per hour can mean the difference between a less serious and a more serious speeding charge. The number of points added to a driver’s record for a speed of 69 miles per hour in a 55-mile-per-hour zone, for instance, might not require the forfeiture of the driver’s license, whereas a citation for driving 72 miles per hour could. An auto shop that calibrates Auto Gauges in Arizona AZ can help drivers determine the accuracy of their speedometers.

Just knowing by how much a speedometer is off isn’t enough, though. A driver needs to prove to a court that a calibration done by a certified mechanic shows the car’s speedometer wasn’t correctly reporting the car’s speed at specific rate. Mechanics can issue speed calibration certificates that will stand up in court if a driver wants to prove the car’s speed wasn’t over a certain limit. Working with a mechanic to calibrate a car’s gauges can help the driver keep their driving records as clean as possible when speeding tickets threaten them.

Keeping auto gauges working properly is important in many other instances as well. In addition to speedometers, odometers, tachometers and cruise control systems stop working properly and must be evaluated and repaired. Instrument clusters also need to be evaluated and fine-tuned periodically. Dick’s Speed-O-Tach in Tempe has experienced technicians who can do the specialized work to keep Auto Gauges in Arizona AZ working properly. The company can work with cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and antiques to get them back on the road quickly.

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