Features Of New Vehicles: Find Everything You Need In Your New Set Of Wheels

by | Apr 14, 2017 | Auto Repair

Vehicle manufacturers have made great strides in new and innovative features. There are lots of options out there, and you will want to make sure your next purchase has everything you want in it. Here are some of the new features offered in some new cars.

Climate Controls

It can be difficult to keep all parts of a vehicle at comfortable temperatures for all of your passengers. The larger the vehicle, the more difficult this gets. SUVs, like a Ford Explorer in Wheeling, have newer features to help everyone stay comfortable. Back seats can now have their own climate control, separate from the front seats. There are also models that feature separate climate control between the driver and passenger. To further your comfort, many vehicles now have cooled and heated seats, so that you can stay comfortable in all seasons.

Driver’s Comfort Options

Finding that perfectly comfortable seating position as a driver can be difficult. With many new vehicles, you can program your car or truck to remember what you like best. Driver recognition features typically recognize your key fob, and adjust the vehicle to your preferred set up. This is great for couples who regularly share vehicles; your seat will automatically adjust back to your favorite settings, even after your spouse has been driving.

Center Console Features

Everything has been significantly updated in newer vehicles, including the center console. Most vehicles can be equipped with a touch screen system that does many different things. The features currently available include phone integration, many different music options including satellite radio, and even camera feed from around your vehicle. The origin of the camera feed was for back up cameras, which offered you a new view while in reverse. Some cars and trucks now come equipped with multiple cameras that provide more angles. This keeps you safer, and lets you see all around you.

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