How Often Should You Get Auto Oil Change Service in Forest Lake, MN

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Auto Repair

Many people actually get their oil changed a lot more often than they really need to. This is not only a waste of money, but it’s also bad for the environment as lots more waste oil is produced that needs to be treated. When determining how often to change your oil, there are a few guidelines you can use.

Check the Manual

One of the best ways to determine when to get Auto Oil Change Service in Forest Lake MN is to check the manual. Most manufacturers specify that with normal use their cars should have the oil changed every 5,000 to 15,000 miles, depending on the make and model. The manual will also tell you which type of oil is best to use, as many cars are now made to run best on synthetic oils. The old guideline of every 3,000 miles that many oil change places still recommend is actually out of date as engines and oils have both been redesigned to work better. Places that still recommend this are just trying to get more business, as even the car manufacturers no longer recommend changing your car’s oil this often.

Car Year

Another way to estimate oil change needs is the model year of the car. Those that are from 2008 or newer typically need auto oil change service in Forest Lake MN every 7,500 miles or every six months, whichever comes first. Those with older models should change their oil every 5,000 miles or every 6 months, whichever comes first. Many guidelines recommend changing the oil every six months as this gets you to the service station so other recommended maintenance can be performed. People who fall under the severe use category do need to change their oil more often, but most people probably don’t fall into this category.

Oil Change Indicator

Some newer cars automatically calculate when the oil should be changed and have a light that goes off when the oil has almost reached the end of its usefulness. This is one of the best ways to know when the oil needs to be changed.

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