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How to Work with a Great Volkswagen Dealer

You may have thought long and hard about the type of Volkswagen you want to get, but have you thought about how to find the right dealer? This is a major commitment, after all. Here are some aspects to consider.


Research can save you a lot of money, pressure, and confusion. Research quality dealers, like Volkswagen dealers in Mokena, but make sure they have they have the model you want in-stock so you don’t drive back disappointed. Check to see if there are any rebates that could apply. Consider when you want to buy your new vehicle. The best times to buy are usually at the end of the model year or the last week of December, which can save you a ton of money because they are trying to get rid of stock. Get internet quotes from several dealers or call around.

At the Dealership

The salesmen aren’t experts on every car, so make sure you have researched exactly what you want. They should be trustworthy, communicate clearly, and attentive to your needs. If you are buying a used model, ask for the history reports such as Carfax and Autofox. They should play no games with you. After you are sure this is the Volkswagen for you, call the sales manager. This shows that you are serious and informed. The best sales managers will also be polite and professional without applying pressure. They will make it an easy process for you. Make sure the final price was specifically what was negotiated.

What You Will Need

There are several documents you will need ready, as well as the initial payment. Of course you will need your driver’s license. This may seem obvious, but legally you have to drive the car off the lot and they will also need it to compare with your check or other forms of payment. Make sure you have your current registration as well as proof of your insurance. If you are trading in a vehicle, make sure you have the title as well as the trade-in loan’s account number.

Do your research, and not only will you save a lot of money, but you can develop a great relationship with your dealership.

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