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Auto Maintenance Services in Brick, NJ Include Brake Overhauls

If you need a brake overhaul, then you need to rely on auto maintenance services in Brick, NJ that are all-inclusive in nature. Having a brake overhaul prolongs the life of a braking system and it enhances brake performance and safety.

Overhauling the Brakes

In some instances, you will not need to realign the rear brakes, especially if you only have to install a set of front disc pads and the rear brakes are in good shape. However, if the shoes have been contaminated by grease or fluid leaks, they should be replaced. You should also have any dilapidated, or broken drum components replaced as well.

Brake auto maintenance services also include servicing brake calipers and wheel cylinders. Any sign of binding or a leak calls for an immediate replacement or repair. Even if the calipers and cylinders are not leaking or sticking, you can still replace the components for preventative maintenance, and to extend the lifespan of the braking system.

Replacing the Seals

For example, caliper seals tend to harden with age, whereas piston bores will corrode over time. If a piston is shoved back into the bore and accepts newer and thicker pads, the wear of the seal may accelerate, especially if the seal is rubbing against a corroded surface. According to technicians at the Affordable Automotive Service Center, this activity can lead to contamination of the brake pads or even fluid leakage.

Needless to say, good brakes are necessary for safe driving. That is why a thorough inspection of the brakes is made before any auto maintenance services are facilitated. When conducting an inspection by yourself, apply the brakes while starting the engine and then assess the components. Is the pedal firm? If the pedal feels mushy or soft, it usually indicates that there is excess air in the lines or a potential leakage. A pedal that slowly sinks is a symptom of a worn master cylinder. Low pedals may indicate a worn lining, the need for an adjustment, a frozen or defective drum brake adjuster, or a low level of brake fluid.

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