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If You Love Harleys, Harley Davidson Motorcycles in Pittsburgh is Your Kind of Place

There’s no question that there’s a mystique about Harley Davidson motorcycles in Pittsburgh. People who love Harleys are sometimes considered to be product fanatics like Apple fans. Non-fans wonder why someone would be willing to pay more when less expensive bikes or phones are readily available.

There are actually some very practical reasons for loving your Harley, but being a committed Harley fan does not mean that it’s always easy to say why. Vague replies like “there’s nothing like a Harley” don’t explain why there are Harley fanatics all over the world. In many cases, they are still riding the Harley they bought many years and miles ago.

Harleys are Heavy

Harleys are the best bike for the open road. Their weight is an advantage. Lighter bikes give you aches and pains in muscles you didn’t know you had on a long road trip. Harleys aren’t the quickest bikes, but those longer wheelbases and greater rake angles give you a more stable ride.

V-Twins are Made for Touring

V-twin motors aren’t new and won’t win many performance races. What V-twins have is plenty of torque. You can cruise in top gear, roll on the throttle and enjoy the scenery.

Harleys are Made to Last

Next time you’re in Sturgis, drop into the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. There’s a 1991 FXRT with 1 million miles on it. Despite all the complaints over the years about leaking, the engines are tough and designed to last. Pay attention to key areas with necessary maintenance and your next Harley could be the last bike you ever buy.

You Can Get Parts Everywhere

Anywhere you go, there’ll be a Harley dealer. Even riders of old Harleys will usually find that an H-D dealer will have needed parts on the shelf or the dealer will know where to get them. On many models, parts are interchangeable. If needed, the factory will rebuild your engine.

Harleys are Easy to Repair

Harley riders often do a lot of their own work and it’s fairly straightforward. Not only does this save money, but it’s a handy talent if there’s a problem a million miles from anywhere.

Z&M Harley Davidson has been a proud Harley dealer since 1968. Whether you’re looking for new or pre-owned Harley Davidson Motorcycles in Pittsburgh, need parts or just want to check out the latest, stop in. Visit for more information.

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