How Vehicles Owners Stay Up to Date with Dodge Service in Surprise, AZ

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Automotive

Keeping up with maintenance on one’s Dodge vehicle ensures many miles of smooth driving and results in fewer vehicle repairs. Everyone leads busy lives and having a full schedule can make it hard to remember to schedule that oil change or rotate the tires. Here are some tips to help vehicle owners stay on top of Dodge service in Surprise, AZ.

Set Reminders

Take a little bit of time to review the suggested maintenance schedule. This can be found in the vehicle’s owner’s manual or by contacting the dealership’s service department. Use the maintenance schedule as a guide and set calendar reminders to make appointments for these services about two weeks in advance.

Pre-book Services

While dealerships might not officially offer pre-booking services, that doesn’t mean vehicle owners can’t take it upon themselves to book future appointments. Think of scheduling vehicle maintenance like scheduling an annual wellness check-up. Having a standing appointment for oil changes every three months makes it less likely that one will forget to call and make the appointment.

Pay Attention to Dealership Reminders

Dealerships’ service departments want their customers to stay up to date with scheduled services. That’s why they send out email reminders and mail postcards letting their customers know that their vehicles are coming due for specific services.

Vehicle owners who are proactive about having their vehicles serviced regularly and by quality technicians have fewer problems and drive their vehicles with confidence. To schedule Dodge service in Surprise, AZ, contact Champs Family Automotive online at

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